The art of Qatari artist Amal Al Aathem dwells into the soul of women, an echo of their spiritual dimensions. She uses her brush to dig deep into cultural dilemmas, expressing them through colors and lines, stamping her artistic identity in all her work.
Amal’s installations and sculptures are an abstract melody of the same theme. Bold, swaying figures, interwoven to create provoking and whispering thoughts.
Amal initiated her creative journey in 1989 at the High Institute of Dramatic art in Kuwait, after which she graduated from Qatar University in 1995 with a Bachelor Degree in Arts Education from Qatar University.
She held her first private exhibition in Bahrain in 2000. Since then her work has been exhibited locally and internationally and has won several awards.

2018 Gravity, Solo Exhibition, Anima Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2017 Qatar Motherhood, Darb Al Saai, Doha, Qatar
2017 Group Exhibition, Al Markhiya Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2017 Moon Passage, Croatia
2017 3rd Konooz Fire Art Auction, London, UK
2017 Al Bahie Auction, Doha, Qatar
2017 50 x 50 Exhibition, Al Markhiya Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2017 London Arabia Art Fashion Week, Artist & Curator of Exhibition, London, UK
2016 Eve Exhibition, Hewar Art Gallery, KSA
2016 16 Faces, Den Gallery, Kuwait
2016 “Arts against Terrorism and Extremisms”, First International Art Symposium, Faculty of Arts & Design, Jordan
2015 Global summit of women, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2015 The launch of a book, Amman, Jordan
2015 Commercial Bank, Qatar masters, Doha Qatar
2015 The launch of a book, Doha, Qatar
2014 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey
2014 Moon dialog, Istanbul, Turkey
2014 Qatar and Brazil, A contemporary painting dialogue, QMA, Doha, Qatar
2013 Unveiling Qatar, ADC & Building Bridges, Los Angeles, USA
2012 Qatari Artists Exhibition, Doha, Qatar
2012 Mallol Exhibition, QMA, Doha, Qatar
2012 Participation to an exhibition with the Royal Academy of London, Katara, Doha, Qatar
2012 Together we connect, Anima Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2012 X-Perimental X-Hibition, Beirut, Lebanon
2011 Autumn salon, Paris, France
2010 The Qatari artists in Syrian exhibition
2010 Autumn Salon, Paris
2010 Group exhibition, Syria
2009 The 21st leader award exhibition, Doha, Qatar
2008 An exhibition for Qatari artists in Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar
2008 Group exhibition for artists in the Gulf region
2005 From Darkness to light, Doha’s Cultural Festival, Doha, Qatar
2004 Expo Qatar exhibition, Japan
2004 Aseela’s festival, Bahrain
2004 Aseela’s festival, Morocco
2004 Alley Sculpture symposium, Lebanon
2004 An exhibition for peace for the United Nations – UNESCO, Lebanon
2002 Turathiyat Moasera, Doha, Qatar
2003 Representing the country in the biggest peace painting, Lebanon
2003 General exhibition in Bissan representing sports in Alley
2002 Exhibition of Qatari artists in Bahrain
2002 The women’s exhibition in Bahrain
2001 Turathiyat Moasera, Bahrain

2012 Award of Sheikha Dr. Suad Al-Sabah to enrich the fine movement in the GCC (Gulf Arts Forum) – Kuwait
2012 Mallol Exhibition, QMA, Doha, Qatar
2011 Professional Business Women Society Award
2011 Revolution Benali, Cairo, Egypt
2011 Arabic Contemporary Art (Salon D’automne), Paris, France
2010 Award of Appreciation in Doha Capital of Culture (Ministry of Culture), Doha, Qatar
2007 Award for Designing the Logo of Doha Magazine
2005 The Mediterranean People Festival (Bichillia), Italy
2002 – 2007 Several Certificates & Appreciation Awards for Participating in Doha

Culture Festival
2004 Certificate of Appreciation Cairo Benali
2004 Grand Prize – First Youth Exhibition
2004 Implementing Art Gallery in Doha’s General Post Office

2005 From Darkness to Light, Doha´s Cultural Festival, Doha, Qatar
2006 A Woman´s Journey
2007 Moment
2007 Lineaments