Omar Al Shahabi was born in Iraq in 1983. He earned a BFA at Baghdad University in 2007. Omar lives and works in Qatar.

al markhiya gallery Doha 2018
Qatar Society of Fine Arts Doha 2014
Foresight Art-Gallery‎ Amman 2013
French Cultural Forum Damascus 2007
Broadway gallery Amman 2005
Institute of Fine Arts Baghdad 2001
Baghdad University Iraq 2004
Participated in an exhibition with a group of youth artists from Jordan Broadway gallery Amman 2005
Broody gallery Amman 2006
Iraqi Ministry of Culture Baghdad 2007
Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club Doha Qatar 2011
Qatar perfuming Arts Society Doha 2013
al markhiya gallery Doha 2017


Member of Iraqi performing Society 
Member of Iraqi Artists Syndicate 
Member of Qatar Performing Society