Born in 1980, Yasser Al Mulla has a background in law as well as in engineering. He has been interested in art since childhood, always scribbling on a scrap paper, until he decided to take up drawing seriously in 2015. His work demonstrates the idea that no matter how old you are, there will always be the possibility of developing and realizing your talent.
“For me, the journey seems short… actually, too short. That is why when I draw, I experience an infinite passion. I draw on everything I see, on papers, walls, cups, curtains – everything at my disposal. I draw in black and white, and claim that I, unlike others, can’t see the colours, or distinguish them. Don’t ask me about the reason behind that. It is my own thing and I will keep it to myself. My life is embodied in my lines… twisted, straight and pure black. Nothing in my lines is twisted or straight forever, and nothing is as expected.”